Chilean Miners Can Finally Light Up

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A frame grab shows some of the 33 miners trapped underground in a copper and gold mine at Copiapo, about 725 km (450 miles) north of Santiago, September 1, 2010.

REUTERS/Chilean Government/Handout

After initially being denied their requests for cigarettes, the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground will finally get their cigarette fix.

The men who have been trapped for more than a month, will be given two packs a day to ration between the entire group. Until now rescuers have piped nicotine patches and gum down into the mineshaft, which apparently did little to alleviate the miners’ desperate tobacco cravings.

So far further requests for alcohol continue to be vehemently denied for safety and psychological reasons.

The rescue mission is estimated to continue for another two months but in the mean time the miners have become national heroes in Chile. (via Guardian)

.-Claire McCormack