U.S. Ranks Fifth in Generous-Countries List

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How likely are Americans to help a stranger? Less likely than Australians.

Based on surveys and research in 153 countries, Gallup’s World Giving Index‘s 2010 edition has been released, measuring the most charitable countries in the world. The list was assembled by using three factors: giving money to an organization, volunteering for an organization and helping strangers. According to Gallup, many of the most charitable countries don’t have the strongest economies. Australia takes the top spot, with the U.S. tying with Switzerland for fifth place.

The top 10 are below, and you can head to the New York Times for the top 21.

1. Australia
1. New Zealand
3. Ireland
3. Canada
5. Switzerland
5. United States
7. Netherlands
8. Britain
8. Sri Lanka
10 Austria