iPhone Ire: Hershey Battles Hottrix Over Chocolate Milk Apps

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REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

When it comes to chocolate milk on the go, the average Joe would expect Hershey to be the pleasure pioneer.

Ask Hottrix’s lawyer Jason H. Fisher and his company’s $3 iMilk app came first. The AP reports that the two companies are embroiled in a dispute over copyright issues involving their iPhone products.

Hershey filed an initial claim over the summer, requesting a judge’s word on whether its free application violated a copywright law held by Hottrix LLC, a Las Vegas-based company. The Pennsylvania-based giant has had success with its platform, selling more than 4 million copies.

Hottrix shot back on Monday, noting that Hershey had violated intellectual property use, costing the pay-app company $12 million in lost profits. The Hershey app “dilutes the market and serves to destroy the distinctiveness of Hottrix’ copyrighted works.”

In other words, could it be that $0 beats out $3 when it comes to an ice-cold glass of “virtual” chocolate milk?