4 Reasons Why the Carpio Sextuplets Beat Jon & Kate

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Courtesy TLC

Sextuplets Take New York, TLC’s new reality series following a supersized family, features just as many dirty diapers as its predecessor Jon & Kate Plus 8. But unlike tabloid favorites Jon and Kate Gosselin, the show’s stars Victor and Digna Carpio spare us their dirty laundry.

Their six tots—four boys, two girls, aged 22 months—crawled onto the small screen for the first time last night, aided by their nine-year old brother Jhancarlos. Early reviews have cast the family as the anti-Gosselins. Here’s why.

1. The parents actually seem to love each other. Don’t expect a repeat of the alleged affairs—with a bodyguard and a third grade teacher—that landed Jon and Kate on TIME’s list of the Top 10 Celebrity Break-ups of 2009.

2. The Carpios don’t create their drama. During the pilot, they spoke openly about how they suffered when their children were born 15 weeks premature. Some of them still have medical disabilities.

3. As the New York Post points out, the Carpios have signed up for the show to pad their fridge, not to pad their social calendar. Victor Carpio, 36, makes about $18 an hour as a maintenance man and has serious concerns about supporting little Danelia, Genesis, Jaden, Jezreel, Joel and Justin.

4. Digna is actually interesting. She grew up poor in an Ecuadorian village and emigrated to New York seeking a better life. She has a tendency to sass up her sentences with a dose of Spanish. As she said on last night’s episode: “Our lives are loco. Crazy.”