Reality Show Roundup: Marveling At Wednesday’s Big Winners

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Renold Zergat

If you were a friendly, lovable dude between the ages of 24 and 31 and were on a reality show, you probably won it last night!

Yes, just as the bright sun of summer turns to the colorful foliage of fall, so too do lightweight reality shows fall off the television schedule to make room for soon-to-be-canceled sitcoms and lawyer shows. And so last night saw the passing of the torch, as three of America’s favorite reality shows crowned their winners.

The first winner was 24-year-old Hayden “The Animal” Moss, who had garned the collective goodwill of the imprisoned housemates on CBS’s Big Brother. Cross, an ASU baseball player, at first glance appeared to be a classic bro but soon revealed deep wells of loyalty and openheartedness throughout the season. He will take home $500,000 as his prize. (via NY Daily News)

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Second was soulful hat enthusiast Michael Grimm, a 30-year-old musician whose emotional performance of “When A Man Loves A Woman” in the America’s Got Talent finale (dedicated to his girlfriend) won over the viewers and catapulted him over the favorite, pint-sized opera singer Jackie Evancho. Some Evancho fans in the media are still stewing! Grimm will take home $1 million and the headlining spot on the America’s Got Talent tour. (via People)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

FInally, 31-year old South Jersey boy Kevin Sbrag turned in a masterful (if slightly unambitious) meal in the Top Chef: DC finale. TIME’s James Poniewozik, a critic of many of this season’s production decisions, had this to say:

Kevin took the title, to which I reacted with a resounding, “Huh.” Kevin has some underdog appeal, and I can’t really argue against his winning. I can’t really argue strongly¬†for it, either, though.

The happy announcement was nearly mangled by Bravo, however, as the station’s website posted a video that spoiled the win hours before the episode aired. Sbrag will take home $125,000 and receive a culinary showcase at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic.¬†(via Eater)

So, America, what did we learn last night? Mostly that America loves smiling, inoffensive young guys. But in retrospect, we knew that already.