How Often Do Tornadoes Hit New York City?

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Crews assess damage in Brooklyn after an EF2 tornado swept across the borough on Aug. 8, 2007

Todd Maisel/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Locals in America’s largest city were stymied when their Thursday afternoon walk was interrupted by twister-like conditions.

The New York Daily News details how winds in excess of 100-miles-per-hour swept across three of the city’s five boroughs. At least one person was killed, as the storm trampled hundreds of trees across Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

The September weather system marks the second time in four months that tornado-like circumstances have touched down in New York. From 1950-1974, the city experienced a dry spell, with no storms on record. But since the mid 70s, seven tornadoes had touched ground, including July 25, 2010’s EF1 system in the Bronx (86-110 mile-per hour winds).

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For more into the history of the city’s handful of tornadoes, check out the New York Timesrundown, which includes some insight into a pre-20th century weather predicament.

And for those with a lean toward fiction, there’s always that TV flashback to 2008’s NYC: Tornado Terror. Watch above.

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