‘Victim’ of Acid Attack Admits She Did It Herself

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A woman gained sympathy from around the world after disclosing her story of an apparent brutal acid attack.  Now, she admits it was self-inflicted.

Bethany Storro, 28, told police she was ambushed by a black woman with a ponytail, who said, “Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?” then doused her with a cup of burning liquid.

Her horrific endeavor gained even further attention after she recounted the details of her “attack” at a news conference, whilst covered in bandages, with her parents by her side.

After investigating, police discovered a number of discrepancies in her story. The splash pattern of the hydrochloric acid her skin seemed more consistent with rubbing on than being thrown on. Once pressured by investigators, Storro confessed the injuries were self-inflicted.

Vancouver Police Chief Clifford Cook said he did not know Storro’s motive, but added the 28-year-old was “very remorseful.”

Subsequently, Bethany Storro now faces charges for filing a false police report and donations made towards her recovery will be returned.