Finally, Something to Love About Justin Bieber: Bieber Puns!

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Sayre Berman/Corbis

Puns, believed by some to be the lowest form of humor, are actually amazing. But puns that involve Justin Bieber? Doubly amazing!

NewsFeed doesn’t even want to think about how many Tumblrs devoted to Justin Bieber there must be by now. But in our non-expert opinion, we’ve deemed Bieber Puns to be the best of the lot, by far. What makes it so good? Perhaps it’s the subtle social commentary on the all-encompassing pop culture phenomenon that is Bieber–he literally is everywhere!

Or maybe it’s the novelty of seeing Bieber in a multitude of different lights. Bieber as a senator (Joe Bieberman)? Yes, please! Bieber as Bea Arthur (Bieb Arthur)? Amazing!

Even if you aren’t a fan of the teen sensation’s music (and who is over the age of 15?), there is no way you can avoid him so it’s pointless to even bother trying. So just embrace it.

After all, no one puts Bieby in the corner. Pun most definitely intended. (Sorry!)