Plinko! Price is Right Contestants Marvel Over Drew’s Waistline

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RD/Scott Kirkland/Retna Digita/Retna Ltd./Corbis

I bet Bob never had to deal with this!

During the summer, NewsFeed reported that Drew Carey, who replaced Bob Barker as the host of The Price is Right in 2007, had lost 80 pounds through dieting and exercise and was looking quite svelte.

Perhaps Price is Right viewers don’t read NewsFeed (shame on them!), because is reporting the audience members of the game show reacted with “shock,” at the sight of the slimmed-down host during this morning’s season premiere. One contestant even commented on the change, saying to Carey, “You look great.”

For his part, Carey kept the focus on the show, making no mention of his much-changed appearance. Earlier this year, Carey told People magazine that “it sucks being fat.” (via