Reading While Eating for September 20: Jumping Puppies and Mama Grizzlies

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A participant rides in a self-made flying craft during the annual Red Bull Flugtag (Flight Day) event in Bucharest September 19, 2010. Teams compete to build a craft capable of flying the furthest without the use of an engine.

REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel

Monday’s must-reads fly high, get down and go back in time.

Aging Autism: Meet Donald Gray Triplett, 77, the first person ever to be diagnosed with autism. His current life is a preview of many diagnosed children’s futures. (The Atlantic)

Palin’s Predecessors: The Mama Grizzlies weren’t the first group of conservative women to gain a following. In 1995, several women beat the Republican establishment all the way to Congress. (The Daily Beast)

Conspiracy Theories: As many as one in five people believe President Obama is the Antichrist. Why do people believe such out-there theories? (Slate)

False Centrism: Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” claims to support a moderate point of view, attacking both left and right. But is it accurate to equate the far right and the far left? (Salon)

Back in My Day: From the “horn book” to the iPad, this interactive graphic traces the history of classroom technology. (New York Times)

Online Milestone: Flickr’s five billionth photo is a pretty cool shot of the Woodward’s building in Vancouver, Canada. (Flickr)

Gleeful Game: 8-Bit Glee will get you nostalgic and excited for the show’s new season, at the same time. (

Elsewhere on In honor of Boardwalk Empire’s premiere, check out the Top 10 Pop-Culture Gangsters.

Must-See: OK Go’s newest music video is one of its typical one-take extravaganzas. But this time, there are incredibly talented dogs involved. Why are you still reading this description?