‘Dancing with the Stars’ Results: Who Got Voted Off?

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Spoilers ahead…

David Hasselhoff was the first celebrity to be voted off Dancing with the Stars. Though touted as a surprise elimination, the Hoff only scored a 15 out of 30 the night before, tied for last with Margaret Cho and Jersey Shore‘s The Situation. He was “in jeopardy” with The Situation and Disney star Kyle Massey, who had received one of the top scores the previous night. (Miss the performances? Here are the highlights.)

Though his cha-cha got technical critiques, come on, voters! It’s David Hasselhoff! He could have at least provided some camp value for a few more weeks. Entertainment Weekly‘s Annie Barrett lamented The Hoff’s departure, as his persona fits in perfectly with gaudy costumes and foxtrots.

I can’t believe The Hoff is going home. I know his Star has significantly dimmed, something called The Situation is more famous than him, and he’s a generally silly piece of work. But I’m shocked. Think of the context here. I feel like David Hasselhoff was exactly as ridiculous as Dancing With the Stars.

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