Reading While Eating for September 22: Pandas, Kittens and the Federal Reserve

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People sunbathe at the Travertines in Pammakule, Turkey, September 21, 2010.

REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Wednesday’s links go broke, go blind, and generally have bad ideas.

Trash TV: Think you’ve seen everything reality TV can offer? You haven’t seen the craziest. This list of real, rejected pitches includes Extreme Biggest Loser, where overweight contestants can’t leave a house until they can fit through the tiny door. (Vulture)

Money Talks: When the Federal Reserve makes its periodic statements about the economy, they’re impossible for the average Joe to decipher. Slate and NPR’s “Planet Money” reporters put it in actual English. (Slate)

Out of Sight: Meet Chris Downey, a blind architect. Yes, a blind architect. (The Atlantic)

Mirthful Maps: Stereotypes — everyone has them, only this guy mapped them out. (Alphadesigner, via Newser)

Annoying Ads: You know that one commercial that just gets on your nerves? We know how you feel. To get your anger out, cast your vote for the Worst Ad in America. (Consumerist)

Doomed Romance: It’s a story that ought to be fiction: a drug-addicted rodeo queen becomes an informant and falls in love with her police “handler.” Except it’s real, and it put her life in danger. (The Daily Beast)

Freaky Yet Fascinating: Need something trippy to get you through the afternoon? Someone put together a video of cats morphing into croissants. Prepare to be weirded out. (

Elsewhere on See the Top 10 Badly-Behaved Celebrities.

Must-See: If this Egyptian commercial can teach you anything, it’s that adorable pandas are not to be messed with. (via Urlesque)