Lindsay Lohan Released From Jail After Posting Bail

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REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Oh, and she’s back on the SCRAM.

CNN is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has already been released on $300, 000 bail, posted late Friday night. Initially she was to remain in jail before her probation revocation hearing, which is set for October 22. However, the judge overturned the decision and released Lohan on bail and on the condition that she be fitted with another SCRAM alcohol-detection ankle bracelet.

Lohan was only just recently released from rehab after doing a stint in prison, yet she failed her mandatory drug test–part of her probation requirements, meaning she could be facing more jail time.

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While Lohan’s Twitter updates indicate that she’s a young woman struggling to overcome an addiction, reports that she was drinking and laughing with friends while making those updates indicate something else. Which comes after an appearance on MTV’s Video Music Awards, where she mocks her addiction, and don’t forget the not-so-secret message fingernail polish she sported when in court this summer.

But you have to appreciate her efforts. Sure, Lohan might be heading back to prison, but for someone who hasn’t starred in a movie of note in years, she still has managed to stay in the center of limelight. (via CNN)