Thieves Blackmail Peruvian Mayor After Stealing His Father’s Skull

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© Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

Just about everything about this story is disturbing. (via BBC)

Rogelio Vizcarra the mayor of San Cristobal in southern Peru and reportedly he’s received a text message from thieves claiming to have dug up his late father’s body and stolen the skull. The message also said that the skull would only be returned if Vizcarra withdrew his re-election bid.

Police have confirmed that the body of Vizcarra’s father Juan, who passed in 1978, had in fact been dug up and the bones were found scattered around the cemetery. Save the skull, which was nowhere to be found.

Vizcarra said that he will not withdraw his bid and has publicly condemned his opponents for dirty campaign tactics.

Polls are apparently showing that Vizcarra is the number two choice out of four competitors, but some are saying that the publicity and sympathy of this case may garner him favor with voters. (via BBC)