World’s Karaoke Champ Wins 1 Million in Dough — Dumplings, That is

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Edward Pimentel won 1 million dumplings at the World Karaoke Championships

A million dumplings may not seem like the typical top prize for an international singing contest.  But that’s just what American Edward Pimentel took home after he won the World Karaoke Championships in Moscow yesterday.  

Pimentel, an Albuquerque native, sang Usher’s “DJ’s got Us Fallin’ In Love” in the final round and beat out amateur singers from 16 countries.

Competitors were given more points for memorizing the songs instead of reading the words on the screen.

He’d need to eat 100 dumplings a day over 27 years to get to the bottom of the pile.  And that may not help him sell records, but he’d certainly be a heavyweight singer in more ways than one. NewsFeed is sure Simon Cowell would be proud.