Listen Up: Supreme Court to Release Audio of All Arguments Online

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The Supreme Court is seen from the U.S. Capitol

Tom Williams/Roll Call via Getty Images

Ever craved the chance to view a high-court case in action? Headphones will have to do for now.

The AP reports that the Supreme Court will commence its new term with a fresh posture on audio availability. Beginning next week, all argument files will be posted every Friday, expanding the previous policy of releasing written transcripts.

NPR’s JJ Sutherland notes how nouveau this is for the judicial branch. The past precedent: only select proceedings have had their audio revealed online, including the benchmark 2000 case of Bush v. Gore.

Sutherland adds that for most of time, the Supreme Court has stayed immune from both the profits and pitfalls of technology. Adding the tone of the group’s discussions on a public platform is a definitive step away from that arcane principle. But we’re still a ways away from everyone on C-SPAN donning a judicial robe.