Middle East Water Park Uses Global Warming as a Gimmick

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REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci/Files

Here’s your dose of irony for the day.

How is the UAE–which lays claim to nearly the highest rate of carbon emissions per capita in the world–trying to attract tourists? By opening a theme park with a global warming gimmick, of course.

Ice Land Water Park is a $100 million ice-water park, located in Ras al-Khaimah (RAK), which is about an hour outside of Dubai, and is set to open tomorrow. The park is based on a global warming premise and tells the story of how climate change has forced penguins from their arctic home so they must now take refuge in the Arabian gulf.

Apart from the nonsensical nature of the premise, the fact that this theme park “includes 4MW power generation, a water desalination plant capable of producing 525,000 gallons a day and water filtration systems to maintain the 4m gallons of pool water, to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment to the visitors” seems a little counterintuitive to the idea behind the park.

Well, at least they’ve found a way to make global warming fun. (via the Guardian)