OMG Twilight Casting News: Two Newcomers Join Franchise Finale

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NewsFeed actually sort of enjoyed the first Twilight movie, and though we skipped the second and third — they looked boring! — we have high hopes for the utter insanity that is coming in the fourth and fifth films. And now, they are two steps closer to completion!

Last night Entertainment Weekly reported that Lost actress Maggie Grace will play the wicked female vampire Irina in Breaking Dawn parts one and two. The Twilight series has always had fairly embarrassing villains, but Irina may just be the worst. (Her evil plan is to tattle on the good guys.) Still, as anyone who saw the first two seasons of Lost knows, Grace can whine with the best of them, so NewsFeed approves of this casting choice.

The bigger news came hours later, when it was revealed that child actress Mackenzie Foy will play the crucial role of Renesmee Cullen. Foy in her brief career has only appeared in one episode each of FlashForward and ‘Til Death, but inexplicably (and somewhat disconcertingly) already has a large number of fan videos on YouTube.

For those unaware, Renesmee is the child born out of the long-delayed marriage-ordained coupling of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan (Yes, in a curious flouting of the laws of biology and anatomy, vampires in Twilight can get humans pregnant) who is at the center of every enjoyably crazy thing that will happen in the Breaking Dawn movies.

(A partial rundown: While still in the womb, Renesmee’s supernatural vampire strength causes her baby-kicks to break the ribs and spine of her mother. Renesmee as a fetus turns out to have the power of transmitting her thoughts to others, through which Edward discovers that she also already has an adult mind.  Her birth causes complications with Bella, so Edward is forced to rip the baby out of Bella’s womb with his vampire teeth. This whole thing is witnessed by the werewolf Jacob, who immediately realizes that the infant Renesmee is his soul mate. Renesmee will learn to speak at the age of one week.)

So, young Mackenzie Foy, we hope you are ready to star in the craziest film scenes your probably will ever be a part of.