Reading While Eating for September 28: Gaffes, Quips and Murders

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A man takes photos of geese from a paddle boat on the shores of Sukhana Lake in the northern Indian city of Chandigarh September 27, 2010.

REUTERS/Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

Tuesday’s links talk driving, falling and prepubescent rapping.

Social Change: Tweeting about Iran is not the same as protesting about Iran. Has the Internet made people forget what activism really is? (New Yorker)

Driving Us Crazy: Think the drivers near you have a screw loose? Soothe your road rage by comparing your state’s drivers with the rest of the country. (The Daily Beast)

Just So You Know: So let’s say your elevator goes into freefall. (Unlikely, but bear with us.) What’s the best way to survive the drop? (NPR)

Cities Square Off: Foreign Policy has put together a list of the 65 most important cities in the world, based on their global influence. Does your city make the cut? (Foreign Policy)

Getting Gleeful: To prepare for tonight’s Britney Spears tribute on Glee, check out 14 of cheerleader Brittany’s best lines. (EW)

Glory Days: Gloria Stuart, who passed away at 100 yesterday, was known to modern audiences for her role in Titanic. But her early career is worth exploring. (LIFE)

Daily Cute: Seven-year-old rapper P-Nut drops a few verses on Ellen. (

Elsewhere on After a woman went on trial for allegedly murdering a romantic rival, we look at the Top 10 Love Triangles.

Must-See: Australia’s Next Top Model announces the wrong winner, live on the air. The awkwardness is almost unbearable. (via Vulture)