Lottery Lightning Strikes Twice: Mo. Man Wins $2M Months After Winning $1M

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Ernest Pullen is the unluckiest man in the world. Really, how unfortunate can a person be when he wins $2 million in the Missouri State Lottery, just months after winning $1 million from the agency?

But as it turns out, poor Pullen, 57, of Bonne Terre, Mo. is a millionaire again, darn it. You see, in June Pullen, who is retired military, scratched off a $100 Million Blockbuster ticket and a million bucks came pouring in on this really unlucky guy. Then on Sept. 17, it seems he didn’t learn his lesson about luck because the gods frowned on him again when he did the same with a “Mega MONOPOLY” ticket which sadly brought another $2 million his way.

John Wells, a Missouri State Lottery official, told the Associated Press that the odds of winning the first prize were about 1 in 28 million and of winning the second were about the same. But of winning both are incalculable.

“But it’s a pretty amazing coincidence,” he said. “We’ve had players win big multiple prizes before, but this is the first person to ever win a second million-dollar prize in the history of the Missouri Lottery.”

As for Pullen, who NewsFeed’s heart goes out to, he says he’ll take the cash payment rather than annuity for the wins, which is really understandable considering the circumstances. He’ll use the money to fix up the home he purchased after the first win.

Best of luck to you Mr. Pullen. After this series of calamities, things can only get better for you.