NYC Man Survives Final Destination-Style Air Conditioner Hit

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Anthony Franzese

Fire escapes on red brick building in New York City, NY, USA

Attention: After you read this story you may never again be able to to walk down the street without pausing and looking up.

A few days ago, in the wake of the Jimi Heselden accident, NewsFeed’s colleagues were discussing how the worst way to die would be in a way that would be a joke, like, say being crushed by a random falling anvil. That probably won’t happen. But one thing that’s just as embarrassing could totally happen — and did happen, yesterday.

67-year-old Vietnam veteran Anthony Franzese was sitting outside of his apartment Tuesday morning when an improperly secured air conditioner fell out of its window perch, plummeted six stories and landed upon his head. Fortunately for the unlucky man, the AC unit crashed through the awning of a local wine bar first, which absorbed much of its momentum. Francese escaped the random act of appliance violence with minor injuries.

While he recovers in Bellevue Hospital, the owner of the offending AC unit is trying to make amends. Bruce Fuller, 49, is friends with his neighbor and says he feels awful. As he told the New York Post, “I don’t know how it fell. But I feel very guilty. He is a nice man, and gave me his spare key. I am going to make sure the dog is taken care of when he’s in the hospital.”

Francese reportedly suffers from mental health problems, and has been locked in a dispute with the apartment’s owner over unpaid rent.

The New York Department of Buildings issued the apartment building’s owner with a fine, and reminds all air conditioner owners that the units must be installed with window brackets. (New York Post via New York Mag)