Police Investigating Family on TLC’s Sister Wives

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When cameras depict your illegal lifestyle, you have to know the cops will find out.

Police say they are investigating Kody Brown, 41, the patriarch in the center of the TLC reality show Sister Wives. The show details the lives of Mr. Brown, four women who call themselves his wives, and his 16 children. The entire group lives together just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Brown is only legally married to one woman, but counts the other three as “sister wives,” a term used in polygamist groups.

No arrests have been made, but detectives are now working on the case. Polygamy used to be a common practice among Mormons, but the church has officially renounced it. Still, the practice still exists in scattered communities in the West, Reuters reports. Plural marriage, though illegal, did not receive the law enforcement attention it does today until one polygamist, Tom Green, went on television to speak about his way of life.

In a statement, the Browns said they were “disappointed” but knew the risk of putting their lives on television.