Viral: Wayne Brady and His Unforgettable Bobby Brown Swag

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From You Tube

If it wasn’t obvious before, then it should be clear now that Wayne Brady is nowhere near as square as we once thought. In fact, at this point, you can pretty confidently say he’s got swagger.

Let’s not get crazy, the brother ain’t Don Cornelius, but after his famous skit on Chapelle’s Show as a closeted gangsta we knew he wasn’t the non-threatening boy-next-door that was sold to the public.

So in a Funny or Die spoof, he brings back Bobby Brown’s 1989 R&B classic “Every Little Step,” but this time with himself and ex-heavyweight champ Mike Tyson in biker shorts doing the running man and lip-synching the jack-swing themed tune. (The video even made our 5 best of the week.)

Brown himself makes a rap solo cameo in the video. The only thing missing here is Brown’s Gumby-fade haircut from back in the day.