Because It’s Never Too Early To Indoctrinate Your Kids–Tea Party Coloring Books!

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Image via The Guardian

A Missouri publisher has released a coloring book that teaches kids the origins and values of the Tea Party. The publisher and author, Wayne Bell, said that he has already sold thousands. (via the Guardian)

The Guardian reports that the coloring book includes educational tid-bits such as “the Tea Party calls upon our representatives to limit the government’s role in everyday life, and to support people and businesses, but not demand from, control or over tax the people or businesses,” alongside images of flags for children to color.

Bell says that the books aren’t funded by the Tea Party and they don’t receive any of the proceeds. He also notes that he also publishes coloring books on Obama, though they don’t sell as well.

NewsFeed understands wanting to teach children about how the world works, but couldn’t children be spared the complications of political life–at least until they are ten or so?