Quote: Conan O’Brien on Twitter

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“CNN’s Rick Sanchez said the Jews run CNN. Ah, so that’s who we blame for Rick Sanchez.”

-Conan O’Brien weighs in on the Rick Sanchez scandal on Twitter.


"Staffer plotting political theater"

Laughing.   How about a headline:   "Vice President plotting political theater" as emails are erased and Libby walks (jail sentence pardoned) after V.P. cherry picks data to feed to 

ignorant uninformed Fox President who doesn't have a clue?

Oscar-winning political theater that the MSM were all too happy to play along with.  


This horrible woman is a fraud and aphony and should take a long walk out of our face forever !!!!


"Later, they do make allowances for the possibility that someone might actually learn something at the hearing." HTF do you get <that BS statememt out of this? 

“Even though our primary goal is political inoculation,” they write, “we should not lose the opportunity for some public education. Some testifiers should be average people with horror stories, middle class families worried about the future, and senior citizens.”

Unbelievable.  What they said was "we want to put out propaganda to the public from people testifying, supporting Hillary's agenda."

When Time writers aren't serving as direct message runners for Democrats, they skillfully "interpret" the news for the Democratic Party.