Weekend Wrap-Up: What You Missed on Your Days Off

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

While you were sleeping late, enjoying leisurely brunches and going for relaxing strolls in the park, NewsFeed was working. And while you may have had a refreshing few days off (note: NewsFeed is not bitter), you likely missed some great reads.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry about being out of the loop at the water cooler on Monday–NewsFeed is here to share the stories, links and videos that you may have missed while you were weekending.

The BP-Spill Baby-Turtle Brigade – Amateur activists unite to save the creatures they really love–baby turtles. And really, how can you not read something about baby turtles? (The New York Times Magazine)

Ed Schultz, You’re No Glenn Beck – Sure, Saturday’s rally demonstrated that liberals can unite just as easily as conservatives, but what will it actually spell out come election time? (via Salon)

Elitist Nonsense – Calling someone (usually a liberal someone) an “elitist” seems to be the new insult for conservatives. Jon Stewart’s an elitist, Obama’s an elitist, most media execs are elitist–but what does it actually mean? (via Slate)

The Bullying of Seth Walsh: Requiem for a Small Town Boy – The stories of young people taking their lives after being relentlessly bullied seem to be heartbreakingly prolific these days. The case of 13-year-old Seth Walsh is, tragically, another such story. (via TIME.com)

Africa United Reveals the Other Side of a Continent – Will the new movie Africa United do for Africa what Slumdog Millionaire did for India? Namely, show a more nuanced perspective of a region that is often classified by stereotypes. (via the Guardian)

Weekend Video – Finally, flight attendants have managed to find a way to make those boring safety demos interesting–just add Lady Gaga.