New Chiquita Banana Stickers Are Designed By Customers

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Chiquita Brands International, Inc.

Your banana just got a face lift.

In June, Chiquita asked customers to redesign its trademark sticker, which has adorned the company’s bananas since 1963. The top 50 entries were selected and then subjected to an online vote, where the top 18 stickers have just been named. These lucky 18, banana-centric doodles featuring a ship, fingerprints – even a robot, will stick to bananas beginning this November. “For nearly 50 years the familiar blue sticker has adorned Chiquita bananas,” Chiquita president Tanios Viviani said in a statement. “Now consumers and fans alike are a part of the Chiquita story by helping design and vote for stickers that join the symbol of our company.”

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Since the sticker’s debut, Chiquita has rotated limited edition stickers onto the peel for promotions, Miss Chiquita’s birthday or world events like The Olympics. For this year’s crowd sourced contest, rules stated that Miss Chiquita was strictly hands-off. “Inclusion or reference to Miss Chiquita” or have any writing or material Chiquita could find “inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous or libelous.”

The voters’ number one choice? A doodle of the banana cradled by the moon submitted by Megan Meade in Washington D.C. drew in 7,768 votes, making it America’s most wanted newly Chiquita-minted sticker.

(via Slashfood)