Reading While Eating for October 4: Nerds, Soldiers and Supreme Court Justices

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The group 'Castellers de Vilafranca' falls after forming a human tower called 'Castell' during a biannual competition in Tarragona city (north-eastern of Spain) October 3, 2010. The formation of human towers is a tradition in the area of Catalonia and between 100 and 200 people are needed to complete a big tower.

REUTERS/Albert Gea

Monday’s links start the week with The Simpsons, inventions and show-stealing performances.

Edu-tainment: Elena Kagan starts her job on the Supreme Court today. But can you figure out who sits where on the bench? This game tests your knowledge. (Washington Post)

Soldier On: In Afghanistan, a group of 40 female Marines was sent to win over an area’s women using “tea as a weapon.” But they found they had to use real weapons more often than they’d like. (New York Times)

Oddly Enough: The most popular book titles on the Kindle? No, not Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom — rather, erotic fiction. (Slate)

Funny Farewell: The last Cathy comic strip was printed on Sunday, and it shows perpetual Everywoman Cathy with a new addition to her family. (

Image Rehab: With The Social Network portraying him as a semi-villain, Mark Zuckerberg is out to make himself look good. His most recent stop? The Simpsons. (Vulture)

Five-Second Rule: Let’s say you dropped some of your lunch on the floor, just now. Do you eat it? Follow this handy chart to find out. (BuzzFeed)

Twitter, on Tumblr: When you’re famous and on Twitter, lots of fans try to reach you. But who actually reads what people tweet at celebrities? This blog does, and hilarity ensues. (Hilarious Tweets Sent by Unknown Tweeters to Famous People, via Urlesque)

Back to the Drawing Board: Think you have a great idea for an invention? Just make sure it’s smarter than these dumb contraptions. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube in record time? Join one of our Top 10 Nerdy Competitions.

Must See: If you haven’t yet seen Kanye West’s performance of Power on this week’s Saturday Night Live, you clearly haven’t been on the Internet since Friday. (via Best Week Ever)