Biker to Go Hands-Free for 300-Mile Ride

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Getty Images

He’s not crazy — well, okay, maybe a little crazy — but he’s just trying to make a difference.

In an effort to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Adrian, Mich.’s Phil Comar will ride hands-free this Sunday. His route will take him to the Ohio border this Sunday.

Comar, 61, says he has been riding motorcycles for 50 years, and has practiced the “look, Ma, no hands” routine for nearly 20 years. He has prepared for the long haul by installing a second gas tank, and plans to steer the bike with his legs and by leaning.

According to the Daily Telegram, the ride is in memory of his late father, who had Parkinson’s and passed away in 2008. His goal is to raise 3,000, but only $700 has been raised so far. (Daily Telegram via AP)