Reading While Eating for October 5: Hollywood Blondes, Dumb Blondes and a Skinny Redhead

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Britain's Prince Charles (L), wearing a garland, smiles during his visit to Hansali village in the northern Indian state of Punjab as a Sikh policeman watches, October 4, 2010. Prince Charles arrived on Monday for a day-long visit to Punjab to see the use of solar energy and organic farming, local media reported.

REUTERS/Ajay Verma

Tuesday’s links take pictures, get soapy and swear they aren’t witches.

Cheat Sheet: News about the midterm elections can be dizzying. But who will actually win each seat? A new Election Oracle keeps all the current polls in one place. (Daily Beast)

Behind the Star: A collection of Marilyn Monroe’s own writings is being released. What does it show about the Hollywood icon? (Vanity Fair)

Out of Context: In an attempt to make “a more visually interesting vehicle for the news,” Johnny Selman makes an illustration every day based on a headline on the BBC’s website. (BBC x 365, via MetaFilter)

Social Snafus: Picking a new Facebook picture? This graphic will show you how to avoid looking “dangerously volatile.” (Fast Company)

Judging Hair by its Color: The dumb blonde stereotype seems as old as time. But when did it actually start? (Slate)

Setting it Straight: The first phrase of Christine O’Donnell’s new campaign ad: “I’m not a witch.” (

Baby Paparazzi: Shocker — good-looking movie stars were, at one point in their lives, adorable babies. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on Winston Churchill is the first U.K. Prime Minister to top the pop charts in the U.K. Check out other spoken-word hits.

Must-See: Conan O’Brien makes his first appearance in a promo for his show — and it’s a sudsy one. (via Splitsider)