Democrats vs. Republicans, on the Video-Game Court

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A good round of basketball is just what it takes to build bipartisanship.

At least that’s what could happen, now that EA Sports’ new NBA Jam for the Wii features political teams. With a secret cheat code, players can unlock a team of Democrats (Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore) and a team of Republicans (George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Dick Cheney).

(More on NewsFeed: At least the video game isn’t about Cold War Germany.)

To create the animated politicians, EA Sports found many photos of each politician expressing certain emotions. “Dick Cheney has the Darth Vader snarl,” says Trey Smith, the game’s creative director. “Obama makes some great faces, and the politician dunk faces are some of the best dunk faces in the entire game.”

NBA Jam is known for its hidden characters, and politicians aren’t the only focus. The Beastie Boys also make an appearance, along with another music act Smith refuses to reveal. Still, take comfort in knowing you can make the right and the left face off once more — and this time, with the help of Sarah Palin’s “helicopter dunk.” (via ESPN)