Newest Blog-to-Sitcom Star: ‘Awkward Family Photos’

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Is America ready for an awkward family sitcom? (Forget, for a second, that sitcoms are all awkward anyway.)

We first brought up Awkward Family Photos back in May 2009, when the blog first started and instantly went viral. Mike, one of the site’s two founders, told TIME the success made sense, noting, “There is something kind of cathartic for people about sharing the oddness of their families. And that’s what we hope the site will be — a communal celebration of awkwardness.” Now, over a year later, everyone’s awkward portraits will be headed to the small screen.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC has picked up the print version of the blog to develop a sitcom. This comes after CBS picked up two Twitter feeds to create $#*! My Dad Says and an upcoming sitcom based on Shh … Don’t Tell Steve.

We wonder, though, how a blog based on still photos will translate to television. We either picture America’s Funniest Home Photos, hosted by Tom Bergeron, of course, or a story-based sitcom following an awkward family photographer and his oddball friends as he learns about life, love and — naturally — family. Either way, Sofia Vergara will guest star. (via Vulture)