Does The Theater Ever Send You To Sleep? You’re Not Alone

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Tim Kitchen/ Getty

Theater Producer Simon Casson has the same problem, and that’s why he’s helped produce a show with exactly that purpose- to send you to sleep. “Every time I go to the theater I fall asleep, so I thought why don’t we embrace that idea and make a show that deliberately sends people to sleep?”

Lullaby, produced by the Duckie theater company, will be staged at London’s Barbican Theater for a month from next June. The venue will be decked out with single and double beds. Audience members will be treated to story telling and cradle song before they change into their PJ’s, brush their teeth and go to sleep. In the morning they will be served breakfast. Casson said the show would be “reassuring and very, very cozy,” reported the BBC.

The production is dubbed “a moonlit soporific serenade followed by seven hours of slow-wave sleep rounded-off by breakfast to send you on your way.” And with tickets selling for £42 ($67), it’s cheaper than a night in a hotel.