Reading While Eating for October 11: A Bunch of Kid Stuff

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Female North Korean soldiers march during a military parade to commemorate the 65th anniversary of founding of the Workers' Party of Korea in Pyongyang October 10, 2010. Secretive North Korea's leader-in-waiting, the youngest son of ailing ruler Kim Jong-il, took centre stage during a massive military parade on Sunday, appearing live for the first time in public.

REUTERS/Petar Kujundzic

The best way to celebrate this Columbus Day while stuck at work? A nice assembly of links.

Pop Quiz: A recent survey shows Americans don’t know much about religion. Take this test and see if you can tell one extreme belief from another. (New York Times)

Inspiring Innovation: Thanks to a new high-tech “exoskeleton” called eLEGS, paraplegic Amanda Boxtel can walk again after 18 years. (

Food Facts: Americans waste more than a quarter of the food we grow, package and store. Here are seven yummy ways to cut down on food waste. (Salon)

Twitter for Tykes: Facebook is everywhere, but it may be dangerous for the little ones. Find out about five social networks that are suitable for kids. (Mashable)

Kids These Days: How are college kids spending their tuition money? By taking courses on Harry Potter and Lady Gaga. Check out 25 odd college courses. (BuzzFeed)

Game Theory: See the evolution of suspect cards for the game Clue. Miss Scarlet hasn’t aged a bit. (The Art of Murder, via MetaFilter)

Miniature Money: Get ready to feel inadequate after seeing this list of the highest-paid child stars. They’re under 18 and make more money than most people will in their lifetime. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on It’s Columbus Day! But do you know anything about him? See 10 things you should know about Columbus.

Must-See: Sesame Street is a little late to the Old Spice parody party. But it’s okay, since this is adorable and educational. (via Urlesque)