This Fall’s Pumpkins: The Uglier, the Better

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AP Photo/David Mercer

This Halloween, shoppers are looking for a scary pumpkin — warts and all.

Most pumpkins on sale every autumn look shiny, pristine and perfectly orange. That’s because they were bred to fit consumer interest. But since we’re never satisfied, Americans are clamoring over the ugliest pumpkins in the patch.

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The cosmetically-challenged pumpkins tend to be hybrids and rare heirloom varieties, which sport odd colors, lumps and warts. Breeding is done by hand, which means weirder pumpkins sell at higher prices. But even in a recession, consumers are willing to fork over cash for a funky-looking pumpkin.

Want to be on top of the trend? Don’t necessarily pass over the perfect-looking ones — those pumpkins make the best pies. (via AP)