Woman Arrested After Asking Cop About Her Own Arrest Warrant

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It’s debatable whether or not curiosity actually kills the cat. But in Selma Elmore’s case, it can certainly get you arrested — especially when its about your own criminal record.

Last Friday, Elmore asked Lockland, Ohio policeman Dan Lyons if there was a curfew for adults in the suburban Cincinnati village, to which he replied there wasn’t. She then asked him if there was a warrent out for her arrest. After looking it up, it turns out the answer to that question was yes.

She allegedly had failed to pay a fine for a drug-related conviction, Sgt. Patrick Sublet told the Cincinnati Enquirer, and took off running when it dawned on her that she was in trouble. After a brief chase, in which Elmore pushed Lyons into a building, injuring his Elbow, backup officers arrested the woman who now faces charges of resisting arrest.

The take away? Asking a cop if he should arrest you just might result in you being arrested.