McWeddings Available Soon in Hong Kong

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A flag blows in the wind above a McDonald's restaurant

REUTERS/Mike Blake

What little girl doesn’t spend hours dreaming of her perfect wedding day: the perfect groom; the perfect wedding cake; and the perfect dress. Well, now McDonald’s wants to help make those dreams come true. Yes, that McDonald’s, of the golden arches fame.

The fast food chain has announced that they will be offering nuptial packages in select restaurants in Hong Kong beginning next year. The packages are set to include apple pie wedding cakes, dresses made of party balloons and—naturally—a banquet of McDonald’s fare.

The cost of the package will run you a few thousand dollars, CNN reports, depending on the exact menu, which, if you know anything about wedding budgets, is pretty cheap.

What are other advantages to having a McWedding? Well, first of all, you could easily ensure that none of the bridesmaids outshine you—simply force them to wear the balloon bridesmaid dresses. Then there are the apple pies. Most wedding cakes are terrible, but despite what you might say about McDonald’s food in general, those pies are delicious.

The downside? There’ll be no champagne, as McDonald’s doesn’t serve alcohol. So you’ll be toasting your bliss with the famous orange drink.

Oh and then there’s the fact that you’re getting married in Mickey D’s—which has to be a contender for the least romantic place on earth.