Survey: 7% of Employees Have Slept With the Boss to Get Ahead

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Are women attracted to men who don't have a lot of sisters? Patricia Curi/Corbis

Oh, corporate America—our trust in you continues to decline.

Adecco Group, a human resources consultation group, conducted a survey of 1000 American workers and found that 17% think that having an affair with your boss will lead to a promotion.

It gets worse—according to the survey, 7% of employees actually have tried the sleep-your-way-to-the-top routine. Interestingly enough there’s no mention of how many were successful.

According to CNBC, that 7% works out to roughly one out of every 14 employees. So if you work in a large office, you might want to take a look around at the people you work with.

Or, in the interest of avoiding any scarring mental images, you might want to refrain.