The Hunt Is On for China’s Bigfoot

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Getty Images

The Legend of Bigfoot roadside attraction outside Richardson Grove State Park in California

His name means “wild man,” he stands over six feet tall, and China is out to get him.

He’s the Yeren, China’s answer to Bigfoot. A group of scientists and adventurers are looking for international help to find the half-man, half-ape, which is said to have black, red or gray hair all over its body. More than 400 people have reported Yeren sightings over the years, and investigations in the 1970s and 1980s uncovered hair, excrement, footprints and a sleeping nest, Reuters reports.

Members of the Hubei Wild Man Research Association, centered in the Hubei region, where the Yeren is most often spotted, want your help to find the wild man. But mostly, they need your money — around $1.5 million, to be exact — and are chatting up financiers to get things started.

Want to get involved? Maybe sit this one out until they find the Yeti first.