Adorable: Facebook Directs Lost Puppy Home

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Getty Images/ Michael Blann

Forget the journeys of Lassie and Homeward Bound — lost dogs can now find their way home using Facebook.

Four years after a family last saw their dog, Topaz, they were reunited through the social network and with a little help from Diane Stess-Kirschner. Diane found Topaz stranded and alone outside her Tamarac home. After a visit to the vet it was revealed that Topaz, a Lhasa Apso, was in fact microchipped. The chip led her to the Greenfelder family in Las Vegas and in this great generation of social networking Diane and Topaz decided to try a search on Facebook. (But is the dog cool enough to surf?)

Finding only two Greenfelders, the search narrowed  and Kirschner decided to write on both walls saying she had found “a little blond dog.” Almost instantly she received a reply which would help put the puzzle pieces of Topaz’s story together.

The family had moved from Tampa to Sacramento. When they found out they couldn’t have Topaz at their new home, the Greenfelders said they found what they thought was a good home for Topaz. That was the last time they saw their dog. (Maybe the pup belongs in Brazil’s town for dogs.)

On Friday, Diane packed up Topaz and jetted her back to be reunited with the Greenfelders. How Topaz managed to travel from Tampa to Tamarac all by herself is still unknown, but in this case distance clearly made her heart grow fonder.

Now that’s what NewsFeed calls puppy love.