Oklahoma: The New Earthquake Country?

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Uncommon but far from rare, the Sooner State woke up this morning to its second-largest case of ground grief in history.

NewsOK reports that Wednesday morning’s earthquake magnitude has been upgraded to 5.1, making it the strongest quake to ever hit Oklahoma, outside an April 1952 event centered near El Reno.

Outside of Oklahoma, residents in parts of Tennessee, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas felt shocks from the seismologic occurrence, according to reports delivered to the U.S. Geological Survey. (More on TIME.com: See photos of a massive earthquake in Yushu County, China.)

This comes on the heels of the surprising June earthquake that was felt from Michigan to New York. Most Americans associate California with Earthquakes, but now it looks like the midwest, plains and northeast are also directly in the line of fire.

Did the quake shake up your neighborhood? Visit the USGS’ ShakeMap for graphics of zones where motion was still in play after this morning’s earthquake.


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