Reading While Eating for October 14: Bad Hair, Bad Beer, Bad Music

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The Brandenburg Gate (R) and the U.S. embassy (L) are illuminated during a rehearsal for the upcoming Festival of Lights in Berlin October 12, 2010. Several landmarks of the German capital, including boulevards, squares, towers, historical and modern buildings, will be illuminated during the festival.

REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

Get over the midweek slump with links about celebrities, food and Auto-Tune.Gorgeous Graphic: The moving patterns of refugees are hard to track and even harder to understand. These infographics help clarify the movements of thousands. (Flowing Data)

Money’s Worth: Did your parents ever tell you to learn the value of a dollar? This photo series, which captures a dollar’s worth of different types of food, can help. (

Tiny Toys: Watch someone solve the world’s smallest Rubik’s cube, measuring at 10 mm. (Gizmodo)

Internet Finds: Google has created a slideshow featuring interesting things on the “creative internet.” Careful: this one is a great procrastination tool. (Kottke)

Beer Belly: Looking forward to a cold one after work today? Check the bottle — you could be drinking one of the 50 unhealthiest beers. (The Daily Beast)

Follicular Failures: Tom Brady’s rocking the Bieber cut, but he’s not the worst offender. Check out more bad hair choices of the stars. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on Now that Courteney Cox and David Arquette have split, check out the top 10 celebrity-relationship flameouts.

Must-See: Antoine Dodson, of instantly-viral “Bed Intruder” fame, performs his Auto-Tune with The Gregory Brothers’ Michael Gregory. It’s a little weird to be cheerfully singing about rape, but as the show’s host points out, Dodson bought a house with the money from the song. So run and tell that. (via Vulture)