Conan’s New Trailer Blows the Roof Off

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RD / Kabik /Retna Ltd./Corbis

Jay Leno might have a professed love of cars, but you’d never catch him doing something like this.

“Top-notch entertainment” is what Conan O’Brien promises at the start of this video, which is obviously in no way a promo for his new show on TBS next month. (See the Top 10 Conan moments.)

And does he deliver, what with “his” driving a car off a cliff, filled to the brim with explosives and illegal fireworks (“from the state of New Hampshire) and, er, popcorn. Throw in a fight with his stunt double (“I do my own stunts!”), an accompanying chamber orchestra, the crash itself and pay off par excellence (“That was expensive”) and consider your appetite duly whet. Good luck topping that on opening night, Coco. (See the top 10 moments from the late-night war.)