Reading While Eating for October 14: Optimism, Pessimism and Snooki

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An aircraft of the Swiss Air Force releases flares during a flight demonstration of the Swiss Air Force over Axalp in the Bernese Oberland, October 13, 2010.

REUTERS/Michael Buholzer

The weekend is almost in sight. Until then, read about Jersey Shore and politicians who are actually good people.

Glass Half Empty: Feeling optimistic about the future? This “radical pessimist” guide to the next 10 years will give you a nice reality check. (Globe and Mail, via Kottke)

A Few Good Pols: Politicians don’t get the best reputation. But there are a few decent males in government, at least on this list of “Good Men” in politics. (The Good Men Project, via Gawker)

Essential Education: Sure, that philosophy class you took sophomore year may have been interesting, but Wired has a syllabus with all the information you need that you didn’t learn in college. (Wired)

Animated Action: If you’ve been hanging around the Internet lately, you’ve probably noticed tons of animated GIFs. Find out how, and why, they’ve made a comeback. (Slate)

Jersey Joking: South Park took on Jersey Shore last night, with Snooki taking the brunt of the abuse. (

Down Under: Head underground with the “sand hogs,” construction workers who build and maintain tunnels 800 feet below New York City. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on The world was captivated as the 33 Chilean miners safely made it above ground. Check out the Top 10 Miraculous Rescues.

Must-See: Are you a tween? If so, check out this video of Justin Bieber rapping. (via Vulture)