WATCH: Tommy Wiseau’s Room Followup, ‘The House That Drips Blood On Alex’

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Spoiler alert: Tommy Wiseau gets blood dripped on him.

Even after interviewing the man, NewsFeed isn’t quite sure what to make of ┬áTommy Wiseau, the enigmatic auteur behind midnight-movie favorite The Room. Everything about the cult filmmaker is shrouded in equal parts secrecy and irony. Why did he make The Room in the first place? Is he aware that people are laughing at his acting? Where is he even from with that accent?

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And so watching his appearance in the new short film “The House That Drips Blood on Alex” is just as baffling. Though technically Wiseau is only an actor in “Alex,” the short bears the unmistakable fingerprints of his influence: awkwardly stilted acting, odd camera angles and, above all, the nagging sense of “What does this mean?” strangeness. Watch the short and then tell us: Is it supposed to be creepy, or just funny? Is Wiseau in on the joke or not? (via