Glastonbury Concert Canceled Due To Olympic Toilet Shortage

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Martin Godwin/Getty Images

There’s one thing we think about this news: It stinks!

The people Britain’s Glastonbury Festival say that the 2012 London Olympics have put them in a sticky situation, and the only way to get out of the mess is to cancel the festival entirely for that year.

As organizer Michael Eavis told the Daily Mail: “We have decided to cancel [the music festival] in 2012 because there will be severe shortages of police and [portable toilets] – both essential to the festival.”

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The problem, he says, is one of simple port-o-john economics (a phrase NewsFeed never thought we would write): “We have our own stock of portable toilets but we always need more. We shop around with four companies to get the best price, but we are not bothering for 2012. There will be a huge demand for toilets in London, so everyone will push up their prices and I can see it getting very expensive.”

In a typical year, the Glastonbury Festival employs more than 3,000 toilets. Their reputation as wretched hives of filth and disease persists despite efforts by the concert organizers to keep the loos clean.

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