Kids Say the Darndest Things…About Double Rainbows

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When a video goes viral, that doesn’t mean it appeals to everyone. Example: a ten-year-old might not understand the Double Rainbow guy.

The Fine Brothers, known for their YouTube videos spoiling books and movies, sat down children ages 5 to 13 and let them comment on the Internet’s favorite videos. NewsFeed takes pride in knowing that all the kids can identify President Obama — and love 10-year-old Eric’s comment that being President is the worst job you can have, aside from being an Alaskan crab fisherman. (See the top 5 viral videos of the week.)

Our favorite line has to be from 5-year-old Morgan, who ponders two bunnies sitting in paper cups: “Why aren’t they saying anything?” Lia, 13, would, naturally, name the bunnies Justin and Bieber. Remember puberty, everyone? (via Urlesque)