World’s Most Expensive Barbie Sells for $300,000

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Newsfeed has just one question: Did the anonymous bidder that snapped up the diamond-choker wearing Barbie spend the money in the name of breast cancer research or to make all of his or her other Barbies back home realllllly jealous? 

The pricey Barbie, created by Australian fine jewelry designer Stefano Canturi, wears a black strapless evening dress and a bejeweled choker, complete with a one-carat square-cut pink diamond.

She sold today at an auction at Christie’s in New York City to an anonymous bidder for $302,500. The one-of-a-kind Barbie was estimated to be worth between $300,000 and $500,000. Even though the bid came in at the low end of that range, she is still the most expensive Barbie ever sold. The previous world auction record for a Barbie was $17,091, set in 2006, according to the BBC.

All proceeds from the sale will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month.