Collaborators! Daft Punk Makes Surprise Appearance At Phoenix Show

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Phoenix and Daft Punk encore at Phoenix & Dirty Projectors In Concert at Madison Square Garden on October 20, 2010 in New York City.


Phoenix must have not liked their stage shows, (they wanted ones like Daft Punk) so last night they decided to get the help of actual Daft Punk.

According to reports from some of NewsFeed’s hipper co-workers, last night Madison Square Garden became a veritable Champs-Élysées, as French buzzband Phoenix was joined on stage by their Francophone friends Daft Punk. As Daft Punk is a pair of reclusive techno musicians who dress as robots and who for the past three years have rarely performed live, this was sort of a big deal.

So, we have a present for NewsFeed’s half-dozen hipster readers: video! It comes from YouTube so it’s not the best, but come on, is that really going to stop you from watching it?

Above, Daft Punk’s introduction during Phoenix’s encore performance of “If I Ever Feel Better.” Then, as a finale, the bands did a sweet mashup of Phoenix’s breakout hit “1901” and the alien theme from Close Encounters.

There was even crowdsurfing!

It sounds like it was awesome — and NewsFeed missed it! We’re not too bummed though; we spent a quiet night at home and rocked and awesome nap. (via Pitchfork)