Could Your Barbecue Save the Planet?

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Gentlemen, there’s no need sacrifice the planet to get your barbecue fix. Now a leading climate change expert says barbecues that remove carbon dioxide from the air could play a role in the fight against climate change, reports the Guardian.

Durwood Zaelke’s novel idea borrows from a stove designed for the developing world that creates heat by turning wood or other biomass into charcoal.  Once the cooking is over, most of the carbon from the fuel remains in the stove in the form of charcoal. This can then be mixed in with soil, a process that sequesters the carbon for thousands of years.  If the same applied to domestic barbecues, the soil could be added to gardens, which would boost soil fertility. (See pictures of the perfect steak.)

Although these carbon sucking barbecues haven’t hit shelves yet, Zaelke believes they could be as early as next summer.  (Via The Guardian)

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